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Thanksgiving Sunday

This will be a Sunday morning creation. As I listen to jazz on the radio, sip tea from my favorite mug, and basically enjoy being in my house, I have to be thankful for a great many things. Besides feeling like I have finally gotten past whatever virus has been making me miserable for the past few days, I actually have a house to live in. While the next few months are going to be rather lean, I’ll just hunker down and make the best of it.

I usually feel most grateful after a migraine or ailment, as it drives home the fact that if that’s all I have to contend with, I have it pretty easy compared to some. I mean, consider the soldiers at war or those returning with injuries that turn their lives upside down. Yeah, that makes me think twice about complaining about a headache or cold that will last a few days, at most.

Taking stock in all that I have, not just the material things, I can be confident that I have family and friends that form a support network in dire times. You find out who your friends are in the bleakest of times. It was nearly four years ago that I found that out. I hope to never test that again, as I am still trying to get it all together.

My point in this post is that it is seldom that we all understand what it is that is most important to us. If we do understand what matters, we also need to express it. That is what the upcoming holidays are all about. Yes, I know that they have become a tool for the retail giant to ply their wares, but with all of the financial difficulties affecting us all, and the credit companies cutting lines and accounts, it might actually be better for us all in the long run. My family has already declared a “gift-free” holiday, as we are all struggling to get by.

So as the holidays bear down on us for the next two months, I suggest that we each find a few quiet moments to gather our collective thoughts as to what really matters. Sure it sounds corny, but I find that we often cannot see the forest through the trees. Let this brief post be that simple reminder that we all need from time to time.


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