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Closing Doors to Move Forward

So, this is my first blog here. It will not be epic. It will be a fine example of what I usually blog about. No, not deep thoughts, but rather selected thoughts and reflections of life as I know it. I do have a collection of blogs at, but I felt I needed a change. I hope you enjoy it. Now, let’s begin.

Throughout the past several years, I have had to deal with a few sudden changes. Whether they were personal, professional, or somewhere in between, I seemed to be able to rise to the challenge and adapt in a way that best suited my purpose. Recently I have begun to question that purpose. When I do public speaking, I find that I often speak with more clarity than when I am left alone with my thoughts. Other times, I clear my head when I am on a long run.

Such was the case this very morning. I was running for the first time in more than two months. I had injured myself somehow right after my fortieth birthday and it kept me from running all summer. I have loved running since college. Running without music, just my thoughts, is the only way I have ever run. Today I had plenty of static to sift through to reach the theme and it took a couple of miles to get there.

I have kept a great many doors open in my life, thinking that I might some day walk through any one of them. Professional licenses, relationships, and even bank accounts around the country. It is time I closed a few doors. There was this song by “RUSH” that had the line, “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.” Well, I have chosen to decide, and THAT is my choice. I have decided that to move forward, I need to close some doors. Drafting letters to the banks to close accounts, informing state licensing boards that I will no longer be “active”, and informing clients that I will no longer be commuting to various cities up and down the Eastern seaboard to be at their whim.

To say that the run was one of my best all year might be an exaggeration, but I did feel great when I rounded the corner at the flagpole and watched the first peeks of the sun break over the horizon line of the water. The wind kicked-up and I felt a bit lighter. Resolution tends to have that effect on me. As I finished the run, I was feeling as if there was a change in the season as well. Sure, there was a twinge of Fall in the air on the vineyard this morning, but the change was more in my attitude than the leaves on the trees.


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